The Final On the Air Jordans - Xxiii Or Xx3

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Air jordans are regarded as as the best shoes or the very first choice in shoes for expert basketball. But that is not all; all Jordan shoes are endorsed by the king himself Michael Jordan. The initial Jordan was released in 1984 together with the now popular "Jumpman" logo and due to the fact then a number of models of those superior high-quality basketball shoes have been released. In total 23, series of Jordan footwear for professional and amateur basketball players have already been released with all the last one getting the XXIII or XX3 series. Next year, 2010 will be the 25th anniversary of Jordans existence and popularity as well as the brand is anticipated to launch the XXV or XX5 series.


The year 2008 saw the launch on the exclusive series of air jordans also known as the Jordan 23 (XX3 or XXIII) series. The one of a kind aspect of this series is the fact that, it was inspired by Michael Jordan's jersey quantity (23). A further exclusive function of these Jordan footwear is that Michael Jordans signature is embossed around the toe cap of each of your footwear. The jumpman logo has been embossed on the appropriate shoe when the number 23 is embedded on the left shoe. The Jordan 23 holds a further unique distinction this can be the initial shoe inside the air Jordan series which has been engineered in such a way that there has been no use of glue.

The air jordans XX3 or XXIII happen to be introduced in three colour combinations and they contain Black/Varsity Red-Stealth; White/Titanium-University Blue; and White/White-Black. Probably the most critical feature of those Jordan footwear could be the overall performance, that is rated to be of the highest level as when compared with any other shoe within the air Jordan series. In the event you are organizing to purchase basketball shoes that provide you comfort, precision, a lot more movement, larger ventilation then the XX3 or XXIII is just the kind of shoes which will do the job. These Jordan footwear have already been specially designed to excel and boost a players all round efficiency.

The Air Jordan 23 has been made in such a way that it delivers a lot of cushioning. The truth is, the technology utilized for producing these one of a kind Jordan shoes is named IPS or Independent Podular Suspension and it is actually used for enhancing cushioning effects. To be able to give further help, the air jordans have already been embedded using a carbon fiber plate that extends all along the bottom from the Air Jordan 23 sole.

The Jordan XXIII has been developed without having applying even a drop of glue the majority of it has been stitched to perfection. These air jordans happen to be stitched starting from the tip with the toe exactly where Michael Jordan's signature is embossed. There's a distinctive stitched pattern around the side of the jordan shoes, which delivers additional strength for the shoe. Final but not the least, there is certainly a glossy panel that extends the full length of these footwear and covers the mid-sole and physique of your Jordan 23. You can discover these exclusive and one of a kind air Jordans at a Nike retailer or it is possible to shop for them more than the net as well.

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