Ohio State Buckeyes Girls Of Osu And Males Of Osu Calendars

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The History of OSU Calendars Is As Colorful Because the Scarlet & Gray Itself

Because 1982, Girls of OSU and Males of OSU calendars have been generating history. Greater than a dozen versions of OSU calendars have appeared within the last quarter century, featuring Ohio State students - and some skilled models - in various states of dress (and undress).

More than other universities, Ohio State University seems to become an attractive place for publishing pinup calendars. If South Bend is known for gold "domes" and Gainesville is famous for funny mushrooms, then college calendars (and controversies surrounding them) have put Columbus on the map. OSU's thousands of loyal alumni are a network of ready clients spread across the country, eager to relive their college days with fun-oriented calendars.

Sean Ashbrook, who published several calendars featuring students of each sexes, gives insight towards the marketability of calendars: "To make a profit with a calendar of female Ohio State students, you must appeal to Ohio State Alumni. Alumni men are eager to purchase calendars featuring college girls - harking back to fun days on the Ohio State campus ...carefree times ahead of paying bills and changing baby diapers. In contrast, Campus Men Calendars targeted fans of Abercrombie and Fitch male models - men and women nationwide - not just OSU alumni - who find college guys attractive.

Ashbrook mentioned the male calendars' photos were usually extra provocative for several reasons: college males find it a lot more acceptable to pose semi-nude and the market rewards risqu?photos with higher sales.

"Moreover, parents are a lot more comfortable with their sons disrobing, rather than daddy's little girl doing do," Ashbrook mentioned.

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