How To Stop Hair Loss Naturally

1. Aromatherapy has been used successfully by some people to treat thinning hair and bald patches. The aroma blend is massaged into the scalp for two minutes each night, and then the scalp is wrapped in a towel, to increase absorption of these oils.

2. Wheat germ oil is an extremely rich, unrefined oil. It is packed with vitamins D, A and E, and it is rich in protein. This unique oil is extracted from the wheat germ plant. Once extracted, it lasts for about eight months. Keep wheat germ oil in a cool place, as high temperatures tend to degrade its quality. A few drops of wheat germ oil are typically massaged into the scalp,Wedding Guest Dresses uk either all over, or in spots where signs of hair loss are most evident. The massage itself can be beneficial, as it draws blood to the scalp area, bringing extra nutrients that can promote hair growth and healthy hair follicles. Massage wheat germ oil into your scalp on a daily basis. Even if hair growth doesn't occur--and often it doesn't--it will leave your existing hair more healthy.

3. Try to eliminate dandruff if you have any. Dandruff is indeed the most common setback for women and why they suffer from hair loss. Use a mild anti-dandruff shampoo for this problem. Dissolve two aspirins into the shampoo. It really works.

4. Before you wash your hair, it is imperative to massage your scalp with some oil. Coconut oil or olive oil are good for regular use, however, if you have excessive hair loss, you should perhaps try amla (Indian gooseberry) oil or castor oil. Not only do these oils prevent hair loss, but they also promote healthy hair growth.

5. Flaxseed - As well as providing support to all the cells in your body, flaxseed is rich in alpha linolenic acid, which is one of the Omega 3 fatty acids. This makes hair shine, and its also great for treating dandruff.

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